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Wellness Travel – the better way to travel

Wellness Travel – the better way to travel

According to the Global Wellness Institute, Wellness Travel is travel that enhances, maintains or kick starts your own wellbeing.  

We see wellness travel as a way to help you proactively manage your wellness by destressing or reducing stress, relaxing, reconnecting, and enhancing your wellbeing in a unique place away from home. At Ikurangi Eco Retreat we offer a wellness hotel experience with a low impact on the environment. This means that while our property is set up to host you for a wellness break in either a Luxury Safari Tent or traditional Tropical Are (studio) style accommodation, we give you the flexibility to create a wellness experience that suits your needs. 

Now more than ever, many people like you are searching for safe travel experiences in uncrowded places where relaxation, rejuvenation, and nature are front and centre. The Cook Islands offers the perfect destination for a wellness break or holiday. 

A holiday that is good for the mind-body and soul

Wellness travel is no fad, it’s a great way to help truly unwind, revive, and reset.  

Travel enriches your soul, helps you relax your mind and body, is fun and educational and gives you a chance to return home feeling refreshed. Often though, the most enriching travel experiences are those that allow you to connect with nature – be it to get outdoors, to breathe in the fresh air, to meditate amongst tropical rainforest, to hike through volcanic mountain ranges, or to take a dip in the Pacific Ocean and get up close and personal with the undersea life in the crystal blue lagoon.


Why is the Cook Islands a great destination for your next Wellness Break?

The Cook Islands has many ways for you to disconnect from your day-to-day stresses and reconnect with nature in lush tropical surrounds.  

Meditate in the mountains

The picturesque Mount Ikurangi, part of the Takitumu mountain range, offers the ideal backdrop for your outdoor meditation; with an elevation of 485 metres above sea level it impressively towers over the capital Avarua, and the village of Matavera. The fresh sea air and tranquil surroundings mean that you can slow down, breathe deep, and focus on your meditation without interruption. 

Yoga in Paradise

Yoga combines meditation, breathing, and stretching and is often described as the ultimate activity to help you relax, and reduce tension and anxiety. Regular yoga helps improve mental clarity, increases calmness, relieves stress, relaxes the mind and improves attention and concentration. So, what better way to help enrich your well being than to practice yoga in paradise. Visiting yogi’s offer one-on-one classes at Ikurangi Eco Retreat or should you wish to practice your own yoga the property offers many tranquil settings for you to choose from. For larger groups, there is an undercover studio ideal for group yoga sessions.

Trekking through the tropics

While many visit the Cook Islands for its beautiful beaches (we know they are pretty spesh), those who venture into the mountains and tropical rainforests are rewarded with a rich experience. The lush tropical flora and hiking trails offer something for all levels of trekker or bushwalker. Plot your own hike to Te Rua Manga (or "The Needle") which is 413 m, it’s one of the most popular hikes due to its easy accessibility from the Cross Island Track. For those wanting to take a guided tour, Pa from Pa’s Treks offers a range of wonderful walks suitable for all fitness levels.

Exploring Rarotonga on 2 wheels

Ikurangi offers complimentary bicycle hire to in-house guests and what better way to improve your wellness than to get out, get the heart rate pumping, breathe in the fresh air and explore the island on a bike. There is one main ring road around the island and it is flat all the way so it’s ideal for a bicycle adventure. A ride around the whole island takes approximately 2.5 hours, but you’re sure to be tempted to stop off and enjoy the scenery, have a cooling dip at any of the idyllic beaches, or pop into a cafe or restaurant for a bite along the way.

For those looking for a guided tour of the island on bike, many visitors have raved about their experience with Storytellers.

Relaxation, Recuperation, and Romance

If you are looking for a destination for a romantic engagement proposal, a place where you can reconnect, or simply somewhere where you can get away and relax in a wonderful tropical environment with hiking, meditation, yoga, and massages all close by then look no further than Ikurangi Eco Retreat.

While there’s flexibility in catering to many different romantic requests, the Wellness Escape Package at Ikurangi offers an ultimate R&R getaway. The package includes 5 nights accommodation in a Luxury Safari Tent, nutritious daily tropical breakfast delivered to your room, a relaxing 90-minute private massage, two group yoga classes, and complimentary use of guest bicycles and snorkeling gear.

For something really special, book our Ariki Safari Tent and delight in a private claw foot bath under the South Pacific stars and complimentary bubbles on arrival.

Experiencing the best of the underwater world

Snorkeling, diving, and swimming are great ways to connect with the underwater world. The Cook Islands offers many wonderful dive and snorkeling experiences. In Rarotonga’s underwater world you may meet Black Cucumbers, a wide variety of tropical fish including the convict tang, goatfish and parrotfish, the main lagoon also has visits from hawksbill and green turtles.


Here are some of the most loved underwater spots in Rarotonga:

  • Coral Garden
  • Edna's Anchor
  • Fish Bowl
  • Mataora Wreck
  • Tupapa Sandriver

If you are interested in booking a dive, our friends at Dive Planet can help find the right site for you.

Fly me to the moon- a babymoon in a tropical paradise!

What better time to relax and pamper yourselves than just before the arrival of a new baby? Ikurangi Eco Retreat is a beautiful tranquil place to sneak in a little babymoon before the busy days of new-born parenting are upon you. It’s the ultimate setting to destress and connect with your partner in a lush, intimate location.

How many nights is required for a wellness break?
While most of our guests would love to spend months reconnecting with nature and focusing on their health and wellbeing, we find that most can have an enriching wellness break on an average 6- or 7-night stay. 

What activities are on offer at Ikurangi?
For activities on or near the property you can enjoy a self-guided hike, bicycle adventure, take a dip in the chemical-free swimming pool, practice yoga, mediate, book a visit from our local masseuse, or pop by our tour desk to explore the tour options on offer.

Create your own wellness break or holiday
For singles looking for the ultimate eco escape, to couples looking to get away and destress, parents looking to connect with their teens, or medium sized groups, at Ikurangi Eco Retreat we give you space to unwind, guidance to help you explore, and the perfect tropical setting for your next getaway. So, whether you want to pack in all the activities, or simply meditate and unwind while overlooking the stunning Takitumu Mountain Range, we can help you design the ideal wellness break.